Zine Subscriptions

joining my patreon is an easy way to subscribe to exclusive collage zines, get cool extras like stickers, and support my work! check it out!

paypal subscriptions:
these subscription options correspond to the tiers on my patreon, but are billed through paypal instead to provide an option for those who do not wish to use the patreon platform or want to give a subscription as a gift. information about monthly zines and rewards are posted publicly to instagram and patreon.

**if you are purchasing a subscription as a gift for something else, please make sure to input the recipient's address information to ensure it gets to the right place!

$5/month zine subscription

at this level, you'll receive all previous benefits plus an exclusive patron-only monthly mini-zine delivered to you in the mail! think of it as a zine subscription service -- and it won't be available anywhere else!

  • monthly patron-exclusive mini-zine
  • one-time thank you note + stickers
  • billed monthly through paypal

$10/month zine subscription
think of this tier as the deluxe subscription! in addition to the monthly mini-zine that's exclusive to patrons and other benefits, you'll receive the latest issue of SOFT SUTURES collage zine in the month that you sign up -- and as future issues are released, you'll receive those too. there will also be a surprise included each month, such as new stickers or postcards!

  • monthly patron-exclusive mini-zine
  • monthly extras [e.g. stickers or postcard]
  • current + future issues of SOFT SUTURES as they are released
  • one-time thank you note + stickers