graveyard of prophecy or two [collage zine]


i like to invent little projects for myself. breaking things into smaller bits to prevent a sense of overwhelm is a major way i've learned to approach navigating my life-long anxiety and depression, and sometimes that process involves creating an outlet. to help funnel my energy away from doomscrolling through social media as election day in the u.s. loomed and progressed, i thought i'd try to complete a small zine within 24 hours. « GRAVEYARD ... » is the product of that effort -- 8 pages of small black + white collages. it's not about the 2020 u.s. presidential election, but it's an emotional record of sorts made from monday to tuesday evening.

• 8-page quarter-page black & white zine

• made in november 2020

• ships in a standard paper envelope

• 25% of all profits donated to mutual aid