deluxe zine subscriptions [6 months]


every month, you'll get a new & exclusive zine in the mail, plus extras like postcards, stickers, etc.!

in addition to the monthly mini-zine that's exclusive to patrons and other benefits, you'll receive the latest issue of SOFT SUTURES collage zine in the month that you sign up -- and as future issues are released, you'll receive those too.

the images in this listing show some past deluxe subscription packages as an example from january and february 2021. new zine announcements are made on instagram and twitter.

this option matches the $10 tier of my patreon, but is an option for purchasing a subscription for those who don't use the patreon platform.

what you'll receive
• monthly exclusive mini-zine
• monthly extras [e.g. stickers, postcards]
• current issue of SOFT SUTURES collage zine in your first month
• future issues of SOFT SUTURES as they are released
• one-time thank you note + collage stickers in your first month